China serves vast and well develop education system in the world. Due to the largest education system, china established 811 education institutions for international and Chinese students. China has a long history of providing scholarships to international students. Over the last few years, the number of international studying in universities in china. However, the china updates universities by developing different degree scholarships like bachelor, on-degree and Ph.D. scholarships in china.

Ph.D. scholarships in china

The Ph.D. scholarships in china are the highest scholarships offered in china. It requires three years to complete. Meanwhile, students are expected to do coursework, write and defend dissertation and pass a final examination. The Ph.D. scholarships in china are award upon the successful completion of all requirements.

Master scholarships in china

Students with having the bachelor degree can apply for admission to master’s programs. There is two type of program at the master level, professional and academic. The academic complete in three years and professional program complete in two years. There are 40 professional degrees at master’s level.

With the successful completion master’s programs, students receive master scholarships in china. These scholarships must denote the program was professional and academic.

Bachelor scholarships in china

Bachelor programs normally require four full years study in the proper classroom study some of the most famous bachelor programs are, for example, architecture, medicine, and a few engineering programs need to complete five years.

The curriculum consists of four major areas.

  • The necessary subjects like philosophy and politics, law, computer, English, math, and physical education.
  • General subjects in sciences and humanities
  • Required subjects in the chosen field of study
  • Special elective subject based on student’s interest.

Students also have to choose other graduation requirements, such as social practice, external English tests, and a thesis. Long-term and short- term internships. Upon successful fulfilment of these criteria, students are typically awarded two types of certification:

  1. graduation certificate delivered directly through the institutions
  2. bachelor’s degree certificate delivered by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council.
  3. The graduation certificate is the requirement of the awarding of the degree. In cases where the student does not want a bachelor’s degree, they may still obtain the graduation certificate.

Non- degree scholarships in china

Non- degrees scholarships in china are designed in the shape of the different diploma. It designs for those students who seeking for employment in china. These now- degree program focus on the occupational and practical skills. The noun- degree program to study further in bachelor‘s program.

There may be little differences on the applying procedure of each scholarship in china. Above are a short description about scholarships in china. If you are interested in getting anyone of these you can apply via scholarships Grab this opportunity and make their future bright in china.

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Why choose China for Study?

China is coming forward as a powerful country and is making progress at a fast pace. With an increase in the economic growth it has opened its gates for the international student body. The students from all around the world come to this land to see their dreams turn into reality. The Chinese universities offer bachelors, masters, PhD and non-degree programs. With this range and heterogeneous educational structure it makes it possible for the international students to assimilate. The students find the educational opportunities beneficial. They are also presented with employment opportunities so that they can have a promising future.

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China has four major programs; bachelors, masters, PhD and non-degree programs. These have different academic sessions. For bachelors program you are required to spend 4 years, for masters two years and PhD two to three years. The non-degree programs vary and it depends on the course. It may take you 6 months to a year. This information helps you in making your study plan.

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